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Wolf Stories | Histories of wolves, 22'27 '', Documentary

Agnes Meng

This film is a collection of stories related to the wolf in the mountains of northern Portugal. In one of these rocky ridges, there is a village called Pitões das Júnias. At night, pastors used to gather and tell stories. Myth, deaths, murders ... things that happened or not, stories inspired by the struggles between humans and wolves, between us and the savages.


The Language | Tongue, 24'18 '', Fiction

Adriana Martins da Silva

Ana is unable to share physical intimacy and recently met Filipe, a man with whom she wants to invest in a relationship. Laura, her psychotherapist, continually challenges her to explore sensations and face her fears. Among the situations that homework provokes, and that take Ana almost to the limit, their stories intersect and both are transformed.

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Vladimir, 8.05 '', Animation

Nuno Bouça and Ana Bossa

Work that arises from a non-fortuitous encounter between Manuel Dias and the builder of Vladimir, the puppet, who travels between Siberian Russia and Évora with the aim of celebrating life. This is a way of paying homage to the man of flesh and blood capable of believing and dreaming the impossible.


Swimming Lesson, 4'34 '', Fiction

Pedro Pontes, Gonçalo Viana

Two old ladies think they know how to swim without ever having tried it. A young woman overhears the conversation and tries to explain how. But for a more correct explanation, he invites the old ladies


Seeing the Sea | Seeing the Sea, 25'02 '', Documentary

Ana Oliveira and André Puertas

Silence, the sea as a backdrop, the sea as a place of affection. Without getting out of their cars, several generations date, relax and share the fascination with the ocean, making plans for the future and contemplating the past.

FIKE participates in the Busho film festival in Budapest from 1 to 6 September 2020 with a selection of Portuguese short films that participated in the editions of FIKE.

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