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Cine Amazônia - Environmental Film Festival (Brazil)

Since 2003, Cineamazônia – Environmental Film Festival, has placed nature in the place it deserves: in the foreground, making it the main star of one of the most important film festivals in the Amazon Region.

The main objective of Cineamazônia is to bring the seventh art together with the environment, disseminating and promoting the message of sustainability, respect for nature and the tradition of the peoples who depend on it. This without forgetting to publicize, integrate and promote discussions around the production of national and international cinema and videos, subtitled or narrated in Portuguese.

More than just showing movies, Cineamazônia also has as its mission the social integration through cinema. To achieve this, it is not limited to conventional movie theaters and goes to where the community is.

It acquired the itinerant format, bringing culture to communities forgotten by the great Culture and Cinema centers. In quilombola, indigenous and riverside communities, in central squares and in the suburbs of cities and on the banks of rivers in the Amazon, in Umbanda terreiros, in public schools, in circuses and soccer fields, there is no place where the festival does not go by understand that there should be no boundaries between people and cinema.

Cineamazônia – Environmental Film Festival, believes that the environment does not exist only through the independent production of audiovisual works, but as a space with several scenes and a common goal: to place the art and technique of the seventh art at the service of the preservation of the nature and sustainability of life on the planet.

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