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Cinema Natureza, in its 4th edition, presents the film “A ribeira to like her own” by Tiago Pereira, (Doc. Portugal, 2018, 19'09) as part of a community project around the Ribeira de São Domingos in Covilhã -

This documentary intended to portray the Ribeira de São Domingos without actually showing it physically. From the memory of former residents and the expectations of those who have just discovered it, Ribeira acquires personality in front of us. The personality of so many other small watercourses that were once disputed and are now abandoned.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Nature Cinema aims to stimulate, through cinema, the experience of experiences with proximity to the natural world as well as the enhancement of the cultural-natural heritage. This edition aims to contribute to give visibility to the streams of our proximity, of which Ribeira da Torregela is an example, which in its path intercepts the Bairro da Malagueira, but which seems forgotten by many who cross it every day.

Organization: ecoVerney from the School of Science and Technology of the University of Évora in partnership with SOIR JAA and the Malagueira Viva e Vivida Association. Support from the Évora City Council and CineEco- Cinema Ambiental. This activity is part of the EcoCriatividade Program: Education for Sustainability.

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