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Brazilian Nanometry Festival  (Brazil)
logo festival brasileiro de nanometragem.jpg

The Festival Brasileiro de Nanometragem is now in its eighth edition. Over all these years, the event was an absolute success, with more than a thousand entries and 497 films shown, from almost every state in Brazil. In this year of 2021, the event had the support of the Aldir Blanc Law.

The awarded films at the 8th Brazilian Nanometre Film Festival will be screened at the 2021 International Festival of Contis, in France and at FIKE - Évora International Short Film Festival, in Portugal.


Nanometres are films with a maximum duration of 45 seconds, a format that allows the participation of a greater number of beginning and amateur producers, who can make their videos without the need to use professional equipment. As a result, many works stand out for the creative capacity of their makers.

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