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Gibara International Film Festival (Cuba)
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Created in 2003 by the famous film director Humberto Solás, the International Festival of Poor Film of Gibara was born with the aim of generating an alternative cinematographic circuit by holding a competition for films made with a budget of less than $300,000.

Participants can compete in different modes depending on their creations. From the competition of mock-up projects and unpublished scripts to feature films, there is competition for short films and feature films, passing through documentaries. Participants can also enjoy video art, samples of new technologies, among others.

With a maximum prize of €15 000, in cinematographic material or cash, participants come from a wide variety of countries such as the USA, India, France, Ecuador, Chad, Macedonia, among many others.
The themes are open, since the objective, in addition to the economic one, is the creation of new opportunities, cultural exchanges and ties between various countries to learn about their own cultures.

Held in the month of April in the "Villa Blanca" of Cuba, at the request of Solás himself, in recognition of the affection for this city, one of the places where Lucía traveled in 1968. Gibara prepares annually for this festival that receives celebrities for 7 days local and international, opening a cultural space for debate and exchange of ideas.

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