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Guadiana River


IDENTIFICATION: FIKE / SOIR Joaquim António d'Aguiar

What: making the film O Rio Guadiana (provisional title) from the action of inclusion by culture in the central Alentejo: Audiovisual strand, lot 3, corresponding to the municipality of Alandroal, whose target audience is the elderly of the municipality.

How: to mobilize and enhance the knowledge of the elderly and their experiences with the Guadiana River in the past and provide them with opportunities to revisit cultural events through registration in documentary cinema, and to establish intergenerational dialogue with the general public through the media. action, in this case the making of a documentary film where the stories and knowledge of the elderly are brought together.

Objectives of the action (results to be achieved): to promote the inclusion of the elderly through conversations about the river in an important sharing of traditional local and artistic knowledge in a mediation process for inclusion by culture in which the elderly are active participants as a public and protagonists in the production knowledge of this territory.

Description of the action: the action / activity to be carried out is the making of a cinematographic documentary whose theme is the Guadiana River, the natural and cultural heritage of the territory covered by the proposal in the municipality of Alandroal from the knowledge of the elderly in the municipality of Alandroal and the their riverside villages. For the making of the documentary, visits and testimony collections will be made with the elderly, in villages, day centers, pensioners' associations. This collection takes place at the intermediate moment, and ends with the presentation of the film to the same populations, at the final moment.

Strand: Audiovisual, the artistic sub-area on which it is based to promote the social inclusion of the target group is cinema / documentary.

COVID19 at all times during the implementation of the action, the recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID19 from the DGS will be respected and the appropriate use of PPE will be promoted.

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Action developed within the scope of the Intermunicipal Project for Inclusion through Culture, promoted by CIMAC

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