Sergio Benvenuto Solás, programmer and advisor at FIC GIBARA - Gibara International Film Festival (CUBA).

He was director and co-founder of the International Poor Film Festival (2003-2011, CUBA). He collaborated on several screenplays and assistant director for Humberto Solás in his last two feature films, Miel para Oshún (2001) and Barrio Cuba (2005).




Carla Osório is a documentary photographer, cultural producer, film and audiovisual producer and distributor. Master in Communication Sciences, Media and Culture. Acted as a consultant for UNESCO in Brazil. He has extensive experience in ethno-racial studies and outstanding performance in civil society entities. He is currently CEO of Livres Filmes. 



Kyrylo Marikutsa,  Director at KyivMusicFilm and KISFF  

Kyrylo is a co-founder and festival director of Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF), which is the biggest international short film festival in Ukraine since 2012.  KISFF discovers new forms and methods of filmmaking in Ukraine and abroad and  presents a wide panorama of short films. 

Science 2015 Kyrylo also works on a project ‘KyivMusicFilm’ — an independent  distribution company which focuses on theatrical distribution of documentaries  about music and culture. KyivMusicFilm also the first company in Ukraine that  focused on event-cinema content and opened for Ukrainian audience screenings of  opera, ballet, music concerts, classic films and other content on the big screens.  

KyivMusicFilm also organize film festival about music and culture ‘INTRO’ 

Films realized by KyivMusicFilm in recent years:  Berlin Bouncer (2019),  Celebration(2018), Spirits in the Forest(2019), The Cure (2019), Forrest Gump (1994), Beautiful Boy (2018), Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco (2017), Vox Lux (2018),  Spirited Away (2001), Dries (2017), Westwood: Punk, Icon, ActivistMcQueen (2018), My  Generation (2018), Dancer (2016), Fight Club (1999) and many mores. 



Anna Da Palma was born in Lisbon and at age 12 leaves for the north of France. Later, and for 30 years, he lived in Paris, where he was 1st assistant director. He makes the FEMIS “Grande Atelier d'Ecriture” and starts writing his own scripts, and those of other directors. He is also a script doctor for film or television. He makes short and medium-length films for the ARTE channel. As well as “Sem Ela”, the feature film. All selected at festivals, this film won the Revelation Award in the Paths of Portuguese Cinema. Anna is also a professor of “Acting front of camera”, of Mise en scène and of Script Writing, in France and Portugal. He currently has several feature-length projects whose stories take place in Portugal.


Vitor Moreira was one of the founders of FIKE-International Short Film Festival of Évora, where he was Technical Director and programmer for more than 10 editions. Jury at several national and international film festivals such as, the Iberian Short Film Festival - (Badajoz), Caminhos do Cinema Português (Coimbra) and Video Ambiente (Portalegre). With a degree in Film Directing from the Lisbon School of Theater and Cinema and a Master in Education in Visual Arts from the University of Évora, has been working since 1984 in Film and Video editing and Continuity. As a filmmaker has written and directed several films including 9 fictions and 1 documentary that have earned him several awards at International Film Festivals.

Between 2011 and 2015 he was the founder, director and programmer of the pioneering project in Évora, Espaço Cultural "CASA DA Zorra", having been responsible for numerous cultural events in cinema, music and education with a huge impact on the city. Based in Sweden since 2015, he has collaborated with Film Festivals and developed several workshops in Acting for Camera and Editing in Malmö, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.

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Cristiana Giustino is a cultural manager and producer with experience in the development and production of events and content in Brazil, Italy and Portugal. He is part of the programming teams of FESTin – Itinerant Film Festival of the Portuguese Language (Portugal, since 2019) and Agenda Brasil – Festival Internazionale di Cinema Brasiliano (Italy, since 2017). In 2020, he participated in the jury of the 6th CineEMA - Espírito Santo National Environmental Film Festival (Brazil). He has performed in various production roles at festivals, such as the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami, Brazilian Film Festival of NY, Festival do Rio - Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and  MOTELX -  Lisbon International Horror Film Festival. 

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