FIKE 2021 - 17th Évora International Short Film Festival will take place from the 15th to the 20th of September 2021.
Please read the Festival Regulations carefully.
Registration for pre-selection implies acceptance of this Regulation

1. Conditions for pre-selection
Short films in the categories of: Fiction, Animation and Documentary, with a duration of less than 40 minutes (including credits), produced or premiered after January 1, 2019 can compete. Films submitted to the competition cannot be available on the Web and, preferably , unpublished in Portugal.
All works must have English subtitles.
There is no limit to the number of works that each director / producer can present to the Festival, and participation is free.
An online form must be completed for each film to be submitted to the Festival, which must be signed and sent to the Festival Organization together with:
Movie Technical File
Two photos (high quality photos)
Brief Director's bio-filmography including contacts and date of birth
List of Festivals in which the film participated
List of dialogues in the original language and in English (plain text file, .txt)
H.264 copy with English subtitles.
Authorization by the rights holder (producer or director) to use the film in the Festival's activities.
Press Kit
The sending of materials in physical support (DVD, Bluray or Memory stick) must be sent free of charge to the Festival (postage or customs) and sent in accordance with this regulation. All materials sent with costs to the Festival will be rejected.
Alternatively, the subscription can be made by providing a link to download the materials.
Any communication should be made to the email:

2. Conditions of Participation
The films in competition will be presented at the Festival Competition and in the extensions that may be made, which are considered authorized unless expressly stated in the film's registration.
The participation of a representative of the films in the Festival will be subject to special conditions.
Participation in Festival Workshops, whether paid or free, depends on approval by the Festival Directorate, all works produced in this area are the property of the Festival. The use of these productions must be authorized by the Festival.

3. Deadlines
Registration limit: May 30, 2021
Notification of the selection decision: 31 July 2021

4. Jury and Awards
Festival Jury
The Festival Jury will be chosen from Film Professionals and Specialists who will award films in different categories. Jury members will be announced on the Festival website in a timely manner. The Festival Jury reserves the right not to award a prize in any competition, as well as to decide on the attribution of Special Mentions. The assignment of Special Mentions must be unanimous.
Trophy and Diploma:
Best Fiction
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Portuguese Short Film / Novo Talento Award (monetary prize)
FIKE Diplomas
Audience Award

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5. Important Provisions
All materials sent for pre-selection will be included in the FIKE archive, with their promoters being authorized for their use for cultural or educational purposes. They will only be returned if expressly requested, by written declaration at the time of registration, with all costs incurred by the recipient.
The rights holder authorizes the Festival organization to use the film in its activities.
Extracts may be used for promotional purposes of the Festival, as well as their use on the Internet, advertising or other means. For any other use, the Festival will request written authorization from the rights holder of the work.

6. Exceptional Situations
The Festival Organization reserves the right to decide in any unforeseen cases as well as to decide, in exceptional circumstances, to select any film that does not fully respect these Regulations